Vibration plates are the latest technology in the fitness industry and they provide you with many health benefits, we’re here to give you fantastic tips and honest Vibration Plate Reviews.

To begin with, vibration plates or vibro plates as they’re sometimes known as, increase bone density and muscle mass while also toning your muscles. They improve balance and coordination as well due to the rocky movement of the plates upon which you have to stand on during a workout session. Additional health benefits include boosted metabolism, induced weight loss, reduced cellulite, and improved blood circulation. Physical therapists sometimes recommend these machines for rehab treatment because of the therapeutic massage they provide to the muscles. The best part about vibration training is that you can begin at any fitness level, so, lets take a look at the best vibration plates on the market.

Best Vibration Plate: The Top 5

Vibration Plate Power OutputRating
Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate600W4.7
Bluefin Vibration Plate1000W4.5
Bluefin Vibration Plate2000W4.5
Mirafit Vibration Power Plate1000W4.3
Confidence Vibeslim Vibration Plate300W4.1

Vibration plates are quite appealing because they provide a low impact workout and require lesser physical exertion than conventional exercise. What these machines do is generate frequent vigorous vibrations that transfer energy to the body, causing instability in your muscles, which then contract to stabilize themselves.

Since vibrations from the plates come in waves, the muscles get a split second to relax. As a result, vibration plates stimulate the same cellular movements that take place when your muscles flex during actual physical activity. The only difference is that standing on a vibration plate causes 30 to 50 muscle reflexes every second, which is much more than what you can expect from a regular workout. Using a vibration plate engages up to 100% capacity of the target muscles, making your muscles more toned and dense faster.

What to Expect from a Vibration Plate (Vibro Plate)

Before starting vibration training, it’s important to set the fitness goals that you want to achieve. Doing so will enable you to have realistic expectations on what you want out of a vibration plate.

To use a vibration plate effectively, users have to do more than simply stand on the machine. There are many techniques to engage different muscle groups when using a vibration machine. For instance, you can sit, lie partially, or squat. Depending on the technique you implement, it’s now possible to isolate and focus on muscles such as the glutes, calves, and hamstrings. But while these machines do help you increase your body’s metabolism and burn fat, they’re mostly used to tone your muscles.

With continued training, you should begin to see a significant boost in energy levels, acquire better sleep, and achieve an increased sense of overall well-being. The time taken to see a difference in your body will largely depend on the frequency of usage and your diet habits.
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Types of Vibration Plates

When shopping around or researching about vibration plates, you’ll often come across terms such as “oscillating” and “vertical” plates. These are basically the main types of plates that you’ll find on any vibration fitness-training machine. While the whole science behind how these devices work may sound boring, knowing about it will actually make a difference to the results you can achieve, after all, you need the best vibration plate for your needs.

  • Oscillating Plates
    These plates usually rest on a pivotal point, much like the way a see-saw operates. This means that if you’re standing on an oscillating plate with your feet spread apart, one side raises while the other side drops. The movements instigated by an oscillating plate will cause your body to jiggle.
  • Vertical Plates
    The technology applied to deliver vertical vibration is rather complex and thus these machines are often more expensive to produce. Vertical plates, however, operate by producing an even up and down movement.

Oscillating platforms do seem to be more popular in weight loss salons and many people settle for them when shopping for some home gym equipment due to their relatively cheaper prices. However, opinions still remain divided on which of these two vibration plates is better. Studies have shown both types to be effective in helping you tone muscles, but they’ve yet to conclude which is more superior.

Technical Specifications Explained

Most descriptions for vibration plates (vibro plates) usually contain technical information such as frequency, amplitude, and power ratings. So, what do all these mean? More importantly, what impact do these technical details have on your training and results? Here are a few details about technical terms used in vibration plate technology. Knowing what these terms mean will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

  • Motor Power
    Vibration plates make use of a motor to generate the pulsating energy that is delivered to your muscles, and most manufactures will quote motor power in watts (W) or horsepower (HP). A higher value means that the motor is better equipped to handle heavy usage while delivering the power needed to vibrate the plate at higher amplitudes.
  • Amplitude
    The maximum extent of a vibration or the distance the plate travels from the lowest to the highest position is referred to as amplitude. A higher amplitude level delivers more intense workouts because there is an increased extent of movement. Amplitude is usually measured in mm and can be either fixed or variable. Some of the higher models provide an option to change the amplitude level so that you can increase or reduce the intensity of your workout.
  • Frequency Range
    A vibration plate’s frequency range describes how fast it can vibrate in impulses per second. The wider the frequency range, the better the machine. This is because an increase in the force of the vibration plate will help you work out better.
  • Plate Size
    Plate size has a direct impact on how much room you’ll get from the standing platform on a vibration plate. The bigger the plate, the more exercise you can do in comfort on the platform. A bigger plate, however, will need a larger and more powerful motor to operate properly.

In addition to these technical details, it’s also important that you look at the accessories that come with your machine, as well as any extra features. For instance, some models feature arm straps for engaging the upper body. Other versions are equipped with additional fitness training aids like calorie counters and BMI registers. Before spending a substantial amount to purchase a vibration plate, it’s recommended that you search for a machine with a good warranty as well – so take browse the website, check out a few vibration plate reviews and I’m sure we can help you make the correct decision.