2015 Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate Review

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or new to exercising, a vibration plate is something that shouldn’t be missing in your training equipment arsenal. Vibration plates offer a whole range of health benefits with the most notable one being that it helps with weight loss. Known and loved for their weight loss potential, vibration plates can help you burn as much as 170 calories in just 5 minutes. While such results may sound farfetched, they’re attainable when you incorporate cardio workouts into your routine instead of just standing aimlessly on a vibration plate.

Other benefits that vibration therapy offers include strengthening bones and muscles, improving immune function, raising metabolism rate, relieving pain, improving flexibility, toning muscles, and reducing cellulite.

With all that said, this article reviews the 2015 Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate, a wonderful piece of equipment that’s highly affordable yet very effective at its job. Read on to learn about its features, pros and cons.

Provides Oscillation Motion

The best thing about the Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate is that it produces excellent results and protects your body from injury while exercising. This is because it provides you with oscillation motion, which is regarded as the safest and most effective method of whole body vibration.

Generally, oscillation motion works by mimicking how we balance our weight from left to right while walking. Therefore, when using the Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate, the muscles being worked contract alternately, much like how they do when you’re walking. As a result, the same muscles on both sides of the body are never engaged at the same time. This gives rise to two benefits:

  • It keeps the spine suppler.
  • It minimizes the risk of injury by making exercising easier on the body.

Preloaded with 3 Exercise Programs

The Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate can be said to be a worthwhile buy as it offers you 3 exercise programmes. And when it comes to vibration plates, the more programme options to choose from, the more merrier it is. This is because a wide variety of programmes will allow you to change up your exercise routines during your workout sessions and thus keep your workout sessions fun and interesting.

The possibility of being able to change up your workouts also ensures that you’ll be able to engage in exercises that are suitable to your needs every time you use the Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate.

Offers an Array of Speeds

The best way to ensure great results when using a vibration plate is to start out slow and then gradually increase intensity. The Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate offers a wide 1 to 99 speed range, and with so much speed control options, you’ll have no problems challenging your body as you progress from one fitness level to the next.

Enables Easy Maneuvering

Whether you’re performing lunges, squats, pushups, or any other exercise, the Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate will enable you to do so without any difficulty. This is thanks to the plate’s retractable pull-out-handle and back wheels, which ensure easy maneuverability.vibration plate flexibility


The Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate measures 58 x 23 x 61 cm.


  • Does not require any assembly
  • Is super silent when in use due to its 1000W silent drive motor
  • Is easy to transport
  • Features an easy-to-use multi-function touch sensitive control panel
  • Can support weight of up to 175 kg
  • Ant-Jamming and Anti-Static overload protection help ensure a smooth exercise experience
  • Is very well built
  • Enables you to increase the variation of your workouts through its 0-12mm amplitude variation
  • Offers a 0HZ to 50HZ frequency range


  • Comes with a preset timing of 10 and therefore does not enable different time settings

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Xtreme fitness massage oscillating vibration plate machine
  • 1 remote control
  • Free exercise poster
  • 2 spring power cords
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Consumer Ratings

The users mostly love the build, portability, and effectiveness, of this vibration plate and from these ratings, it’s pretty safe to say that the Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate will make a great exercise tool to have at home.


The Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate offers you an excellent way to stay fit if you don’t have time to hit the gym. Not only does it offer all the benefits of vibration plates ranging from weight loss to reducing cellulite, it also offers you the best of vibration plate technology. These include preset programs, a vast amplitude range, a powerful motor for handling heavy usage, enough power to vibrate at higher amplitudes, and a great frequency range for delivering thorough workouts. If you’re looking for an all-rounded tool for use at home, the Xtreme Crazy Oscillating Plate would make a great choice.

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