BSlimmer Vibration Plate Review

BSlimmer Vibration Plate Review

From toning muscles to aiding weight loss and improving mineral bone density, there are many health benefits of using vibration plate machines. But if you’re looking to try out this form of exercise, it’s important to buy a good quality vibration plate from a trusted brand. This is because not all machines are built the same.

While top of the line vibration plates usually come with all the bells and whistles you would expect, they don’t come cheap. So, if budget is a constraint, the BSlimmer vibration plate is one model you can get for a start. It’s produced by Medicarn, a reputable brand that has been manufacturing vibration plates that meet industry standards since 2004. The BSlimmer is a small yet powerful vibration plate that comes in a variety of colors including blue, gold, pink, and white, and it won’t put a dent in your pocket while helping you keep in shape.


Equipped With an Oscillating Plate

The BSlimmer is an oscillating platform machine. This means that its base plate has a central fulcrum point. Therefore, the standing platform wobbles from side to side much like a seesaw swing. One of the benefits of these kinds of vibration plates is that the oscillating motion mimics the natural motion of walking. As such, users feel more comfortable with the oscillatory motion as opposed to linear vibration plates, which move up and down across the entire vertical plane.

Another beneficial aspect about oscillating vibration plates such as the BSlimmer is that they create fewer G forces. This in turn means that there will be a lesser impact on the joints, which is beneficial to people who suffer from joint damage/pain.

Powerful Motor with Variable Speed Settings

When it comes to motor power, the BSlimmer doesn’t disappoint. At maximum speed, this machine can reach 2500 revolutions per minute. Even at lower speeds, you can still feel the vibrations work your muscles. The best part is that the speed is adjustable. This makes it possible to select speeds that suit your level of fitness. The flexibility offered in speed settings allows you to make changes so that the workout routine doesn’t have to be too mundane.

Whether you want to really push yourself or keep the vibrations at moderate speeds to avoid high impact motion on your joints, this machine gives you the freedom to do so. It comes pre-loaded with three programs, namely low, medium and high. However, the speed range is larger, providing up to 50 levels across the different preset programs.

Sturdy and Heavy Duty Platform

The BSlimmer vibration plate features a heavy-duty platform that weighs about 32 kgs. It can support individuals with a maximum weight of up to 120 kg.

The only caveat you need to be aware of when it comes to the design of this vibration plate is that there are no support bars. You can compensate for this, however, by placing it close to a wall or other item for support. As an added bonus, the grooved platform offers a good grip under your feet while the skid free mounts at the base provide added stability.

Easy to Use Push Button or Remote Controlled Panel

Like most vibration plates, the BSlimmer features a digital control panel. The touch pad has buttons for selecting the program, workout duration, and speed. All selections are displayed on the multi-functional LED screen.

It can be a hassle to set vibration plates with low mounted control panels such as the BSlimmer because you have to bend over or squat to set up the machine. Fortunately for you, this model features a convenient remote control that allows you to choose the appropriate settings while standing.

Ready to Use Out of the Box

Other more sophisticated vibration plates require hours of assembly after delivery. The BSlimmer comes ready to use out of the box since you don’t need to attach support bars to the base. Included in the package also is a free DVD with workout demos, so getting started couldn’t get any easier.


  • The BSlimmer vibration plate measures about 9 inches (23cm) high and 2 feet (60cm) wide.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x BSlimmer Vibration Plate
  • Remote control
  • Power cords
  • Free Workout DVD
  • Instruction manual


  • Heavy duty platform supports people who weight up to 120kg
  • Easy to use control panel with convenient remote control
  • Energy efficient vibration plate (uses 220 to 240 watts)
  • Well priced for an entry level vibration plate
  • Offers a good range vibration settings
  • Sturdy design with wide platform
  • Free workout DVD included


  • The machine doesn’t come with handlebars so it can be tricky to balance on high speeds
  • To make adjustments without the remote, you may have to bend over or squat because of the low mounted control panel
  • At maximum speeds, the motor can be slightly noisy

Consumer Ratings 

Many past purchasers have given feedback about this vibration plate and the majority appear to be very pleased with their purchase.


The BSlimmer offers a good value for a vibration plate at this price range. It’s sturdy, well-built, easy to use, and effective. In addition, the machine offers a variety of speed settings and comes with workout videos to help you get started. Overall, it’s well worth considering especially if you’re on a budget and looking to buy a small yet powerful vibration plate.

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