Confidence Fitness Vibration Platforms: Behind the Brand

Confidence Fitness is a popular brand that you may have seen on a number of pieces of exercise equipment and sporting goods. This trade name belongs to Confidence Sporting Goods Inc., a California based manufacturer and supplier of sports and fitness products.  Specifically their lineup of Confidence Fitness vibration platforms are what we want to take a deeper look at with this article.

Established more than 35 years ago, Confidence is one of the veteran brands in the sports and fitness equipment industry. The company started out by offering golfing accessories but over the years, they’ve branched out into play cards, video games, and fitness equipment. Their involvement in the latter niche has put them on the map as one of the most highly sought after brands when it comes to quality exercising tools for home gyms.


Confidence Fitness Vibration Trainers

From treadmills, stationary bikes and resistance machines, to dumbbells, exercise mats and punching bags, Confidence Sports offers a wide selection of fitness equipment. The company has also ventured into manufacturing the latest craze in resistance training – vibration plates.

Also known as power plates, vibration training machines are all the rage these days due to the many health benefits that they offer. Fitness enthusiasts can tone muscles, increase mineral bone density, get rid of cellulite, boost strength and reap a host of other health benefits by spending 10-30 minutes per day on these machines.

Confidence Fitness Vibration Platforms Brand

Among the many fitness training gadgets, machines and accessories that Confidence Sporting Goods Inc offers, their line of power plates stands out for a number of reasons. To begin with, Confidence Fitness power plates provide the best balance between features and pricing. The variety of machines from this brand isn’t the largest on the market, but buyers have the option to go for small or full sized power plates. Secondly, Confidence does not skimp on quality when manufacturing their vibration trainers. The following are examples of two top sellers from this brand:


  1. Confidence Vibetone Vibration Trainer

The Vibetone power plate from Confidence Fitness is simple yet powerful. It’s a full size vibration-training machine, but the platform itself has a small footprint. Besides its space saving design, this Confidence Fitness vibration platform has won over many buyers because of its innovative features such as the digital control panel, low power usage, and over a dozen preset speed settings. The round handles surrounding the control panel resembles a car’s steering wheel. This is a clever design that puts them out of the way when it comes to performing routines that require users to lie or sit on the vibrating platform.


  1. Confidence Vibration Plate Plus

This full size power plate has many desirable features. Although it comes in parts, assembly is quite easy. Other notable features include its raised electronic control panel, relatively quiet operation, high weight limit of 300 lbs (150 Kg), and integrated yoga straps. The range of programs is a bit limited compared to the Vibetone vibration trainer. Nonetheless, this Confidence Fitness vibration trainer has a fancier and easier to use control panel.

This particular model is a top seller and you can find our detailed review here for it.


Where to Buy Confidence Fitness Vibro Trainers

Although Confidence Sporting Goods Inc. is based in Palm Springs, California, their vibration plates are actually manufactured in China. The company is also part of the Sports PLC group, which has many subsidiaries that help Confidence Fitness vibration plates to reach different markets around the world.

For instance, Sports HQ is the European division for Confidence Sporting Goods Inc. This trading company has its headquarters in Alvechurch, Worcestershire, UK but they have operations in North America and Australia. It distributes Confidence Fitness power plates and other merchandize on to buyers residing in most EEC states. Other websites that Sports PLC operates to serve the European market exclusively include, and

To serve the North American Market, Confidence Sporting Goods distributes their vibration plates and other fitness equipment on sister sites such as and Both of these subsidiaries ship Confidence Fitness power plates and other merchandise from their facility in Henderson, Nevada, USA.

Power Plate ShoppingIt’s also possible to buy Confidence Fitness power plates at leading online retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Third party sites tend to raise prices, so buyers should choose vendors that offer added-value in the form of money back guarantees or expedited shipping. The best way to find out the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) for various Confidence Fitness power plates is by checking listings at online stores operated by Sports PLC.


Sports PLC sister websites that distribute Confidence Fitness power plates are exceedingly easy to shop from. Most, if not all, stores provide ample search mechanisms and organized categories. This makes it easy to find listings for fitness equipment and other merchandize that is on sale. Depending on the desired vibration training platform, buyers can find photos and product descriptions of various models online. The websites provide detailed shipping information as well.

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