Confidence Vibration Plate Plus Review

Among the wide range of vibration plate trainers that are on the market right now, the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus is a favourite among many people. This unit is available at a great price, and though quite cheap, the machine is not one of poor quality. The Confidence Vibration Plate Plus is a well-built exercising aid and has many features to offer.

Features and Benefits

This vibration plate features 600W of power, 200 to 240V, 50 to 60Hz frequency range, and 50 incremental speed settings. It has BMI sensors that help in monitoring the progress of your workout sessions, and weighing at 28 kg, this vibration power plate holds up well even when used by people at the top end of the overweight spectrum. It has a maximum load of 150Kg, which is more than what other entry-level vibration plates can handle.

Whether you want to lose weight or improve fitness, the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus will help you to reach your goals. The benefits of using this fitness training equipment include:

  • Better blood circulation, flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • Reduced stress, fat and cellulite
  • Increased and well defined muscle mass
  • A boost in strength and bone density

What really makes the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus a great workout tool is the fact that users receive excellent results without needing to exert too much effort. Thanks to the reasonably sized plate (measuring 54cm x 38cm), you can stand, sit, or even partially lie on the vibration plate to engage different muscles. Regardless of the chosen method of use, this machine allows you to receive high frequency vibrations that instigate a stretch reflex in your body. This in turn makes the muscles contract, stimulating the same effects of exercising without any high impact physical activity. Standing on the vibration plate for only 10 minutes gives your body an intense workout that is equivalent to a full hour of conventional exercise.

From inexperienced gym goers to professional fitness trainers who spend a lot of time with gym equipment, just about any adult or teen can learn how to use this vibration plate. It features a user-friendly display console and intuitive menus. The machine makes some sound when running but it’s still not too noisy.

A couple of arm straps have been hooked to the vibration plates via elastic cords in order to engage your upper body muscles. It may take some practice in order to maintain your stability while standing on the oscillating vibration plates. However, there are two side handles to hold on to as your balance improves with time.

Vibration Plate Power OutputRating
Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate600W4.7
Bluefin Vibration Plate1000W4.5
Bluefin Vibration Plate2000W4.5
Mirafit Vibration Power Plate1000W4.3
Confidence Vibeslim Vibration Plate300W4.1


This 600W vibration plate trainer measures 122cm (h) x 70cm (w) x 74cm (d) and weighs 28kg.


  • Gives a total body workout in just 10 minutes
  • Speed range of 1-50 caters to users with different levels of fitness
  • Designed with handlebars to provide support and arm straps for exercising upper body muscles
  • Intuitive LCD monitor and controls
  • Integrated BMI (body mass index) sensors for monitoring workout progress


  • With time, the construction becomes less sturdy. However, this can be rectified by tightening the screws every few weeks.


Many people who have purchased this vibration plate recommend it as a worthwhile buy, citing its features and effectiveness. It’s quite easy to see why this fitness machine is highly sought after.

The Confidence Vibration Plate Plus is arguably one of the best vibrating training machines on the market. Overall, it offers good value for your money when you consider the features and benefits you’ll be getting in return. Buyers are also protected with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Just keep in mind that this unit may not be suitable for people with heart conditions, pacemakers, or joint problems. In case you suffer from any one of these conditions, make sure to consult a health care provider before using any vibration plate.

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