Learn The Vibration Plate Basics

Learn the vibration plate basicsVibration plates are all the rage these days – just visit any modern gym and you’ll probably find a queue of eager people waiting to hop onto one of these machines. Well, you can’t really blame anyone who chooses to become a big fan of vibration plates. It’s hard to ignore a piece of fitness equipment that promises to deliver amazing results by simply standing on it.

But then again, there are many exercises you can do on a vibration plate other than standing. Granted, a good machine can deliver vibrations that work your muscles without requiring much movement on your part. The results you could get, however, would not come close to what you can achieve by adding some dynamic exercises to your routine.

To make the most out of vibration plates, you’ll first need to learn the basics of the different kinds of routines you can perform on these machines. With that in mind, here are a few vibration plate exercises that can give you a full body workout. For some of the routines, you’ll need a high quality vibration plate that features a spacious platform, support handles, and yoga straps. While such vibration trainers don’t come cheap, they’re worth their weight in gold if you’re serious about investing in a healthy lifestyle.

Vibration Plate Exercises for the Lower Body

There are many exercises you can do on a vibration plate to work lower body muscles. However, the following are some of the best routines that will give your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves a good workout.

Performing squats on a vibration plate is a great way to work your entire lower body. To perform squats on a vibration trainer, plant your feet firmly on the center of the standing platform. Perform the squats as you normally would while standing on the ground. You can hold the support bars or a nearby wall in order to avoid losing your balance.

Lunges work the hip flexor muscle and will also improve your flexibility. They help to define your glutes, calves, and abs as well. To perform a lunge, begin by placing one foot in the center of the vibration plate and keep the other foot down on the ground to end up in a position that looks as though you are climbing stairs.

Step onto the platform with both feet then step back down. Repeat these steps several times in succession to complete one set, but make sure to switch legs after performing each lunge.

Vibration Plate Core Workouts

Vibration plates can also work core muscles, helping you burn fat and get toned abs. Two of the best routines to exercise your abdominals with a vibration plate include the crunches and plank.

Crunches on a vibration plate can only be practical if your machine features a large standing platform. Basically, you’ll need to lie down with your back on the vibration plate while keeping your legs raised and knees bent slightly. From this position, place your hands at the back of your head and crunch your upper body towards the legs.

To avoid discomfort when performing crunches on the vibration plate, make sure to protect your back with a soft accessory mat.

Planks are great for your abs, and vibrations will make them even more challenging. To perform a plank, just get into the push up position with your hands or forearms placed on the vibration plate. Hold that position for a minute or more.

Vibration Plate Exercises for Arms, Shoulders and Back

Vibration plates can also work your upper body if you know the right exercise to perform. To target the arms and shoulders, you can perform an inclined row while using the hand straps.

You’ll start this routine standing in the middle of the platform hip width apart. Next, grab both hand straps and lean slightly forward from the hip while maintaining a straight back at all times. Now, pull elbows back as you keep your arms close to the body. Finish one rep by standing upright and extending your arms, then repeat these steps several times to complete one set.

If you don’t have back issues, you can also perform the bridge exercise on a vibration plate to strengthen the erector spinae and other lower body muscles. This routine requires you to lie down on a mat in front of the vibration plate. Your feet should be placed on the standing platform while the back remains on the floor. From this position, lift your hips from the floor until your body forms one line from the shoulders to the knees. Hold that position for several seconds while keeping your arms stretched out on the floor.

Keep in mind that the exercises mentioned above are just a fraction of the routines you can do on a vibration trainer. To avoid injuries when using a vibration plate, make sure to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity as your strength increases.

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