MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate Review

No more long waits at the Gym. You can now lose weight effectively from the comfort of your bedroom. How? The MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate will make it possible for you to lose weight instantly.

The OP1/10 uses a very strong 300w motor to transmit vibrations up throughout a padded oscillating platform in order to vibrate the body. The quick contractions that are created as a result of the vibrations help to tone the body evenly.

This vibration plate has been designed to help you lose those extra inches effortlessly. You can make use of its different speed options to make use of the fitness level that you are comfortable with. To ensure the users safety, this vibration comes with support bars mounted on its sides. You can now enjoy losing weight without hurting yourself.

Let’s dive into the remarkable features in detail, which the MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate offers its customers:

1. Solid, Sturdy And Spacious Platform With An Oscillating Power Plate

This vibration plate has a 2 feet wide vibration plate which makes it possible for you to perform several exercises on top of it without worrying about falling off. You can perform almost anything from lunges, squats to back exercises and push-ups. MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate guarantees a full body workout to stay fit and healthy. Are you worried about the side handle bars restricting movement and space while performing workouts like crunches or when lying on your back for a back massage? Well you can brush aside all your worries because these can be removed when you don’t need and can be easily put back when you require them.

Are you worried that you are too heavy for the MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate? The motive behind the development of this vibration plate was to help even the heaviest person lose weight. So this vibration plate was built to tolerate a maximum weight of 120 kg. To provide protection to the machine it has an in-built overload protection along with anti-jamming and anti-static mechanisms.

Being an oscillating vibration plate it moves from side to side. The mechanism behind this is simple – since the platform is fixed on a pivotal point, the platform moves like a see-saw. When you work-out on this kind of vibration plate you will mimic fast walking, which provides you a full body workout.

2. Extra Wide and Simple to use Control Panel

You can choose the settings on the MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate effortlessly because the control panel comes in an extra large size! All you need to do is push a couple of buttons to pick a program and to adjust the speed. Good news for customers is that this vibration plates is fitted with a body mass index scanner. The MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate has 3 LED display which provides information on –

  • Your present body fat percentage
  • Your Work duration
  • And the workout program and speed that you have selected

You can very conveniently make use of the control panel as it is fitted on a stem that is about 4 and half feet high from the base of the machine.

3. Available with 3 workout programmes

The MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate is pre-loaded with 3 exercise modes. These programmes are adjustable and each one offers a different level of vibration. You can choose one depending on your level of comfort. This feature makes the MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate is suitable for everyone including a beginner, intermediate or an advanced trainer. And as your fitness level changes you can change the intensity of your vibration.

4. Easy assembly

Although the MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate needs assembling it is very easy to do so. It will take you about only 30 minutes to put the vibration plate together. You will also have an instruction manual for assistance. All the tools you need for assembling this product will be provided in the box, including:

  • 1 x Toner
  • 1 x Assembly and User Manual
  • 2 x Tools – Multi Spanner and X-Head Screwdriver


  • The MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate has a base that measures L69.5cm x W73.5cm x H120.5cm when assembled. It weighs 39 Kg.


  • It is a strong vibration plate machine with side-mounted and streamlined support bars made of high quality steel
  • It comes with an easy to use raised comfort
  • It is available with workout programmes and instruction manual
  • Provides multiple safety features for the machine such as overload current, anti-jamming and anti-static protection mechanisms
  • Comes with a lifelong frame warranty
  • Powerful buy calm motor
  • It offers several speed levels
  • It is Simple to assemble
  • It is fitted with wheels for easy transportation and storage


  • Might be a little big for a small apartment
  • The Motor and non-consumables have only one year warranty
  • There are only 3 workout programmes included
  • The buttons make an irritating beep noise

How to use?

It is not rocket science. All you need to do use get on to the platform of the MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate and then get a strong grip on the foam padded tubular steel handle bars. You can make use of the 3 screen LED monitor to select the workout programme and push the start button. This will set the 1.5hp DC motor with microprocessor based PWM to vibrate the plates.

The MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 is powered through the mains and is tailored with transportation wheels below that let you move and store it conveniently. This vibration plate is boxed at 44ks and comes with sufficient tools for easy and quick assembling.

Consumer Ratings

The consumer ratings for MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate have been very positive so far. Most of the buyers are happy and satisfied with the product. You can do a research on your own on other sites to see the remarkable ratings that the MOTIVEfitness OP1/10 Oscillating Plate has secured.

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