Total Body Enhancement Machine: 5 Benefits of Vibration Plates

Total Body Vibration Plate

Commercial gyms are an amazing resource where you can enjoy a social atmosphere that will help keep you motivated while getting access to a variety of training equipment that will allow you to keep workouts varied and effective. However, between hectic schedules and ridiculously high gym membership fees, not everyone is capable of making regular trips to the gym. This makes home gyms the better option for people who want to fit their workouts into their work schedules and train in a manner that will produce results.


So, if you’re a fitness enthusiast and live in a spacious home, you should definitely invest in a home gym. A total body enhancement machine would make a great addition to any home gym. There are many fitness tools that offer full body workouts but one of the best choices around is the whole body vibration machine. This fitness device offers a ton of benefits that are further increased if you own your own machine.


Vibration Plate Power OutputRating
Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate600 W4.7
Bluefin Vibration Plate1000 W4.5
Bluefin Vibration Plate2000 W4.0

The following are the top 5 benefits of having your own whole body vibration machine.


#1: Total Body Workout

One of the best benefits of a vibration plate machine is that it works your entire body. A full body workout makes you stronger, healthier, faster, leaner, and quicker at recovering from injury and the tension of exercise on muscles. All power plates vibrate 20 to 50 times per second during use. These vibrations cause your muscles to work harder by contracting and stretching constantly and continuously. The vibrations also engage more of the body’s muscles than other conventional physical exercises, thereby resulting in a total body workout.


Vibration plate machines are also flexible and allow for a wide range of exercise routines. Therefore, you can be able to mix up routines during a workout session to target almost every muscle group.


When shopping for a whole body vibration machine, it’s important to do extensive research before settling on an option. This is because some models are more effective than others. With research, you will be able to ensure you end up with a quality machine.


#2: Exercise at Home

Buying a whole body vibration machine means you get to exercise at home. This in itself comes with an array of benefits. Some people are not comfortable working out in a public gym and therefore end up performing their repetitions haphazardly.


At home, there’s no one watching. You will be able to focus on your routines and achieve more effective and safer workouts. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy a flexible workout schedule, exercise in a cleaner environment, and work out with greater consistency thanks to being in an environment void of distractions found in most chain gyms. What’s more, you’ll be able to set up a training environment that you enjoy by playing your favorite music during workouts, putting up motivational posters and pictures, decorating your home gym area as you please, and arranging your workout space however you want. This helps boost your motivation making it easier to stick to your workout plan.


#3: No Extra Trips to the Gym

Unless your home or workplace is close to your favorite local gym, chances are you’ll probably end up spending a lot of time getting to and back from the gym. In addition, if it happens to be a popular gym, you may also end up wasting a significant amount of time waiting in line for the exercise equipment you want to use.


Owning a vibration plate provides you with 24/7/365 access to the machine. Therefore, you can work out whenever you have some free time on your hands. This unrestricted access in turn helps free up some time, as you will have performed one or more effective exercise routines in the same time it takes you to get to your favorite gym. If you are someone who leads a busy life, this is one benefit you will come to appreciate.


#4: No Extra Cost of Joining a Gym

Although vibration plates fall on the expensive category of gym equipment, they’re still more economical to buy than to use one at a gym. This is because gym membership prices are high these days and translate anywhere from 300 to a 1,000 dollars a year. With these high prices, the whole body vibration machine you buy will pay for itself after 1-2 years of purchase. 10 years down the line, your vibration plate machine will still be running strong and you will have saved thousands of dollars that would have all been wasted on membership fees. You can even make money by charging friends and neighbors a small fee to come over and workout on your vibration plate.


#5: Exercise at Your Own Pace

Vibration Plates Save Time
One of the biggest disadvantages of commercial gyms is lack of freedom. You cannot do whatever you want (e.g. exercise barefoot or in your bikini if you want, or sprawl across the middle of the gym floor between sets) as there are rules to follow. There’s also the trainer watching you who might not even be very helpful at all. Having your own vibration plate machine, however, provides you complete freedom and privacy to exercise at your own pace.


You can train however you want at whatever pace/intensity you want while taking rests whenever you desire without worrying about trivial matters like dress code, gym rules, or unwanted attention.


Bottom Line: Why Invest in a Vibration Plate?

Although a bit costly initially, a home gym is a worthwhile investment as it carries many advantages over paying for membership at a commercial gym. And what better way to start your home gym than buying a whole body vibration machine? These machines are versatile and highly effective when you use them well.


Once you’ve learned all the possible routines to perform on a vibration plate other than merely standing on it, this machine can help you reach a wide range of fitness goals. For instance, power plates tone muscle, improve core balance, increase strength and boost mineral bone density.

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